25% of new requests for help ARE from THE Middle East and North africa

Dear Friends,

Over the last several months, we've received many requests for help from LGBT Syrians who are terrified for their lives. Some are still home in Syria, facing a real threat of murder from extremists while others are living as refugees in countries like Jordan and Lebanon where being LGBT can still very dangerous.

In response, Rainbow Railroad has been busy setting up a new Case Committee team of individuals with direct links to the Middle East and Arabic language skills to help us respond to the new requests for help.  We've also been building relationships with LGBT-friendly organizations in the region as well as UNHCR officials to provide the best information and connections we can while we develop routes to safety.

This fall we also launched a pilot to help Syrian LGBT refugees resettle to Canada. We've partnered with Lifeline Syria to help create settlement groups to privately sponsor LGBT Syrian refugees. These groups will be responsible for supporting the newcomers to Canada during their first year here.

In addition to the requests for help, we've received many messages from Canadians who want to help and here are three ways you can help today:

1 - Donate funds
2 - Donate Aeroplan points
3 - Sign-up for more information about private sponsorship

Our team is working hard to find solutions to help LGBT individuals in many regions around the world escape state-sponsored violence.  Thank you for your ongoing support!

Best regards,

Justin Taylor
Executive Director